Automation Since the future of the industrial sector is closely bound up with technological progress, the role of automation will be to provide more comprehensive and easier tools that can increase both product quality and productivity automatically while letting the human mind unleash its creative potential to the benefits of engineering. BM sees automation as essential for the future of the production development in the manufacturing sector.

BM Automation offers a wide range of technology solutions for the market fields in which it operates: iron and steel, pipe manufacturing, oil and gas, pulp and paper, electric power generation.

The range of activities covered by BM Automation includes Design, Software Development, Machine Vision Systems, Tool Manufacturing, Installation and Commissioning and After-Sales Services. These services can be provided altogether – for the execution of large contracts – or individually, according to the customer requirements. At the commercial stage, the company offers preliminary feasibility studies and close assistance to the customer, therefore BM is to be considered as a provider of solutions.

Robotics For a long time, industrial robots have been seen as autonomous machines programmed and controlled separately, but thanks to the Internet and data connections, robots can now acquire information from external sources through a cloud-based system and learn from each other. The new line of research is therefore cloud robotics. Cloud technology offers massive computing power, sharing data and the possibility to carry out completely new mathematical calculations.

Thanks to the synergies achieved among all the companies of BM Group, Polytec not only provides robotic cells for new steel plants but also robotic systems that are fully integrated with the customer existing ones. Following this approach, the company features as one of the market top players.

Skilled teams work at robotic applications, from feasibility studies to design, implementation, installation, maintenance and service and they assist our customers at every stage with a highly customized approach.

Renewable Energy In recent years, our planet has been experiencing a progressive rise in temperature. This is mainly due to the emissions of carbon dioxide and other gases into the atmosphere with a consequent intensification of the greenhouse effect affecting the lifestyle of all the inhabitants of the planet.

In the ’90s, BM therefore opened its doors to renewable energy, that is to say to energy sources that can be considered inexhaustible and with low environmental impact.

Since the first photovoltaic system installed in 1993, BM has invested and gained expertise in the creation of increasingly sophisticated and technologically advanced renewable energy plants and is currently able to offer “turnkey solutions” in the following areas: hydroelectric, biomass, photovoltaic and wind energy.

Thanks to the constant growth experienced and the development of its expertise, together with a rising market demand and the satisfaction of its customers, it is with pride that BM Greenpower can affirm to have reached a leading position in this sector, also due to its ability to offer the best solutions in terms of energy requirements, costs reduction and the lowest environmental impact.

General contracting EPC is gaining importance worldwide. A company owner may opt for an EPC contract for reasons that range from less stress for himself, easy work and growth of its business, a clearer idea of the costs involved, just one contact partner and therefore easier communication, ready availability of post-commissioning services, quality assurance etc..

Thanks to the partnership with other BM companies, BM Engineering offers turnkey projects as an EPC Contractor for large-scale plants in the industrial and the services sectors and as a partner for financial bridging solutions. From engineering, both preliminary and final, to building projects for the civil worksfield, water pipelines, electromechanical works and the construction, the installation and the commissioning of power plants and systems, BM ensures quality and efficiency.


BM Group invests every year since 1993, in the field of renewable energy with more than 20 companies and many plants producing electricity from hydropower, wind, solar and biomass in Italy and around the world.

Thanks to a continuous growth trends, this year will be made of 10 production plants from renewable sources.

BM Group is able to be the ideal partner to support customers in both public and private financing with guarantee and to realize each plant project for the production of electricity from renewable sources in the best way.