Automation - Robotics - Intralogistics

Digital Transformation in industry requires a three-dimensional approach, including a deep understanding of production processes, a thorough knowledge of the opportunities offered by new technologies and a cultural renewal for a new generation of workers.

Process automation allows to manage and control processes, standardising machining and improving production, with therefore lower costs and greater accuracy and reliability. Moreover, every task executed by a smart robotic cell is saved in a local database, which is then replicated to the CLOUD with the aim of collecting, managing, analysing and viewing data on production and process performance, as well as running diagnostic tests and taking consequent preventive measures. Thanks to the availability of objective data, today we can take more effective decisions.

A great software house: from PLC to IIoT

In addition to the development of programming software for platforms that are the “pillars” of automation, like PLCs, SCADA and robots, for years, the Group has been bringing together several other fields of expertise, more innovative and increasingly interconnected. 2D and 3D artificial vision systems, resulting from the integration of optical, electronic and mechanical components, also combine with software processing for the recognition of certain image features, for verification, classification, identification and selection.

The development of artificial neural networks, supported by powerful computational hardware, is the working basis for the design of deep learning algorithms and artificial intelligence, which is increasingly being used in the industrial sector.


Green Energy and Investments

With twenty years of experience in the design and construction of power plants from renewable resources, BM Group companies are the reliable partners for a green investment.
The possibility to rely on the company’s strong background in the fields of automation, plant engineering and software development is the added value through which this professional team can offer high-tech and top-performance solutions. BM Group’s solidity is reflected in the proven reliability and quality of every accomplished job. Alpicapital aims at becoming a proper investment fund over time in order to exploit all the opportunities offered by the green market as well as to attract private and public investors.

General Contractor

Economic gain can combine with sustainability and the result is a safe investment. As an EPC contractor, Polytec provides turnkey power plants. A team of specialised business consultants, engineers, technicians and project managers develops power generation plants using the best available technologies to ensure a simple and efficient plant operation for the customer.

  • Feasibility study
  • Business plan
  • Engineering 
  • Construction
  • Start-up
  • Service and after-sales support