Hydroalp: 12 Hydro Power Plants along the Arno river

ITALY. Hydroalp obtained an important contract for the design, manufacture and installation of electromechanical equipment for twelve hydroelectric plants on the Arno River, in the nearby of Florence. The supply has been committed by ATI PAC SPA and Iniziative Bresciane S.p.A. involved in the construction of the plants thanks to a Project Financing assigned by the Region Tuscany which provides the concession of the 12 sites for hydroelectric exploitation as a counterpart for important river control works and restoration of the hydraulic defenses along the stretch of the Arno River affected by the plants. Hydroalp’s supply includes 16 submerged bulb Kaplan water turbines with an impeller diameter of 2600 mm, 3 bulb water turbines with an impeller diameter of 2350 mm and 2 vertical axis Kaplan water turbines with an impeller diameter of 2850 mm. The supply is completed by 18 unloading gates and all control and automation systems developed in collaboration with the related company BM Group Polytec S.p.A .. The project must be completed in less than 2 years. The total value of the supply is around 20 million euros. This order represents a great opportunity to consolidate the growth achieved by Hydroalp in recent years.

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